The TWC Collections


The Martin M-130 “Flying Boat” flew across the Pacific for the very first time in 1935, forever opening the skies to commercial flight. The aircraft was built by Glenn L. Martin Corporation in Baltimore, MD.

This local heritage of technological achievement inspired Towson’s MARTIN Collection. A line of military-grade timepieces for everyday professionals. Rooted in classic American design.

Towson Watch Company Founders

“I started life as a watchmaker in 1948. Hartwig started out as an engineer. We work together well because he essentially does the design and engineering work that I can’t do. But I’ve had a lot of experience doing restoration of antique watches for museums. These are 200 to 300 year-old timepieces. We have both ends of the technical spectrum covered, from current engineering to an understanding of watchmaking 500 years ago.” 

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