POTOMAC | American Pocket Watch For the Wrist

The evolution of a retired classic. The relationship between the Sagamore and Potomac Limited Editions speaks to TWC's principles of simplicity, consistency and tradition in our watchmaking process.

The Sagamore Triple Diamond was designed in collaboration with another great Baltimore brand that has pioneered its respective industry, Sagamore Spirit. Though sold out and no longer available for purchase, the Sagamore Triple Diamond's legacy continues today in the POTOMAC, with the currently available limited edition sharing similar case, dial and movement characteristics as the former classic manual instrument. A collection of manual timepieces that will forever be enjoyed by true fans of the brand and Charm City.

Sagamore TWC Chesapeake Collection Timepiece
sketches of the Sagamore watch
Despite the initially perceived differences, you can see why this prototype drawing of the Sagamore Triple Crown served as one helpful aid in the prototyping process for our latest POTOMAC. Consistency across the collections and reference models is a fundamental principle for the TWC brand and our designers. An artist who wants to pioneer its niche must take from the proven principles of the past, and build off of them to create the new. That artist must leave their unique signature throughout, and make that signature present in each and every completed creation.
Potomac PO250-B Manual Timepiece
The POTOMAC expresses the beauty of simplicity. A creative contrast illuminates each and every individual element while coherently convening them into one complete structure. Simplicity is timeless. Simplicity is glaring.

The POTOMAC's exhibitionist case-back illuminates the perfectly designed Unitas movement. A manual-wound beauty inspired by the earliest American wristwatches made a century ago. A heritage piece that respectfully puts a contemporary spin on the past. A true, American timepiece of the highest-grade quality.

Inspired by vintage American watches made during the railroad boom

Fine timepieces obtain a premium sentiment for their ability to serve as a token of our past-time. For centuries now, people have viewed horological instruments as deserving of high quality, care and meaning. Not only do these historic legacies in design and functionality continue on today, but so does the legacy of what it means to care for and own a fine timepiece.

Those that respect this past-time may in fact undermine convenience and functionality in order to treat their meaningful instrument like those did before them. Like making your bed in the morning, some view the pure activity of winding their watch at the beginning of the day is what kicks that day off. A fine timepiece isn't just something to look at and read the time, it functions as more. It is an instrument that allows one to manage their own time. A manual timepiece prevents time from managing you.

Potomac PO250-S Chesapeake Collection

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