Hartwig Balke, one of the founders of Towson Watch Company

The Cockpit timepiece, designed by our watchmakers, pays homage to the vital role of navigation in maritime settings. While the term "Cockpit" commonly evokes images of airplane controls, we've directed our attention to the sea captains who navigate vessels through the vast oceans. Just as precision is paramount in aviation, accurate timing is equally crucial when steering a ship.

In the challenging environment of the open ocean, where technology can falter as ships journey into deeper waters, our timepiece—the Cockpit—comes to the forefront. This meticulously crafted watch serves as a singular solution to all timekeeping requirements, encompassing the qualities of a timeless instrument that guarantees accuracy and dependability across seasons and voyages.

Irrespective of whether it graces the wrist of a yacht enthusiast or a cargo ship captain, the Cockpit timepiece resonates with maritime heritage. It encapsulates the essence of the sea, making it a fitting companion for both leisurely sailing and the demanding world of cargo transport. Through its design and functionality, the Cockpit encapsulates the spirit of the sea, allowing it to thrive as the quintessential accessory for any nautical journey.

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