TWC | Wristwatch Annual 2022

We just made the cover! TWC is committed to the growth of independent watchmaking. This meaningful feature speaks volumes for our recent efforts towards fostering more awareness of the value independent brands like us have to offer.

The Wristwatch Annual is the essential guide for the collector of mechanical wristwatches, with complete information on over 1,400 models from 130 international brands. With this, collectors have at hand a wealth of information on the latest offerings from today’s most important watch producers, from the Swiss brands we all know well to the maverick independent brands springing up across Europe and the U.S. The book is arranged alphabetically by producer, and the movement, functions, case, band, price, and variations of each pictured watch are fully described.

This year’s edition, like its predecessors, features a variety of additional articles on independent watchmaking, key personalities in the watch world, and the technical aspects of horology. An illustrated glossary and a primer on watch care help acclimate the reader to the world of fine timepieces.

Benzinger's Choptank makes the cover of the 2022 Wristwatch Annual
Benzinger Choptank on the cover of the 2022 Wristwatch Annual

TWC has been featured in this iconic watch catalog for over ten years, so this latest promotion to the cover of the book is not only meaningful to our new leadership, but even more so to our co-founders and master watchmakers, Hartwig Balke and George Thomas. Now in their 80’s and still working with the brand everyday, it is a beautiful thing to see their life’s work finally receive the worldwide recognition and appreciation it has always deserved. 

Our identity will forever be tied to these legends and their unique approach to watchmaking that is in many ways responsible for the recent growth of independent firms and microbrands making watches here in the United States today. Towson Watch Company has been a brand run by watchmakers and put forward to the public by watchmakers for the past 20 years. It is a brand defined by its watchmakers. This identity has solidified the TWC brand in American watchmaking history and brought true legitimacy to its name. Nonetheless, this identity, built by the legitimacy of our watchmakers, has to become known to the world somehow. Of course, this requires efforts by non-watchmakers. How is this possible when the TWC brand is simply a brand of watchmakers, executing their beloved craft day in and day out? 

Thankfully, there is a shift happening in the space where independents’ and microbrands like us are starting to receive that well-deserved recognition and appreciation due to the recent interest displayed by some of the most influential players in horology, like Abbeville Press’ Wristwatch Annual. Throughout the industry’s modern history, these “players” have shaped the definitions, demand and value for watches. This is why it is such an honor for TWC to be chosen as the feature brand of this year’s Wristwatch Annual. It is only the start of a much wider acceptance of what this brand, and independent watchmaking as a whole, has to offer. 

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TWC billboard on i-83 N in Baltimore
Towson Watch Company Billboard in Baltimore City, MD.

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