Who is George Thomas?

Hartwig Balke, one of the founders of Towson Watch Company

Master Horologist and TWC Co-Founder – Meet the Makers

In the corridors of time, where every tick echoes a tale of craftsmanship, George Thomas stands as a beacon of enduring artistry. Born amidst the historic tapestry of Prague in 1930, George's life journey traversed the cultural landscapes of Vienna and Zurich, where the ticking heartbeats of horology beckoned him.

His earliest dalliance with time began in Prague, as a young apprentice to a master watchmaker. But destiny, ever unpredictable, steered him away to Panama, where amidst the hum of a thriving metropolis, George serviced illustrious timepiece brands. Yet, the allure of new opportunities led him to the golden shores of San Francisco in 1951. Here, George dabbled in the world of plastics and chemicals, unveiling his innovation: transforming humble sawdust into rustic outdoor dishes christened "Stonewood."

Yet, the soul of a true craftsman is seldom tethered. Even as George ventured into industrial pursuits, the whispering ticks of antique watches beckoned him. Among his resplendent feats, George breathed life back into the world’s oldest known signed and dated watch from 1530, and meticulously restored the Czar of Russia's minuscule timepiece from 1860.

The new millennium heralded a fortuitous encounter; a fated meeting in an Irish pub in Annapolis. The seasoned watchmaker and the talented engineer, Hartwig Balke, discovered a shared reverence for time. Together, their dreams materialized into the Towson Watch Company, celebrating the beauty and precision of mechanical timepieces.

George’s artistry, sculpted from old-world tools harmoniously coexisting with modern machinery, resonates with the dichotomy of tradition and innovation. His mastery, evident in the tourbillon watches displayed proudly at the NAWCC Museum in Pennsylvania, stands testimony to a rare breed of craftsmen who conjure magic, part by part.

However, the annals of George's legacy aren't limited to mere timepieces. His astute skills were summoned to unveil a mystery that transcended time: the Abraham Lincoln watch mystery. His hands, trusted and revered, unveiled inscriptions inside a watch that held whispers from the past.

George’s narrative, alongside Hartwig’s, isn't just a celebration of precision and beauty. It's a testament to passion, persistence, and the timeless allure of horology. In a world dominated by fleeting moments, George Thomas reminds us of the enduring art of crafting eternity, one tick at a time.

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