Ref. QS100 is a manual-wound skeleton watch handcrafted by George Thomas in collaboration with Jochen Benzinger. With no limited production and made-to-order, this masterpiece was reserved for corporate board gifts. The transparent opening on the dial features a perlage plate that can be further skeletonized into the initials or logo of the recipient company. The base plate of the movement serves as the dial, featuring a hand-machined perlage and embossed finish. The exhibition caseback reveals the 6498 reconstructed Swiss movement decorated with rhodium plating, gold plating, and various engravings. It is modified and planted into the 42mm stainless steel case off-axis, making the timepiece serve as a "drivers watch."

When our co-founder and master horologist, George Thomas, was in the midst of restoring President Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch, he found a hidden message inscribed by the watchmaker on the base plate of the movement. A heirloom that took centuries to uncover, extending the importance of these antique restorations that often change our understanding of history. George Thomas wanted to give his Towson Watch customers a similar experience to what he had when restoring Lincoln’s watch. The Skeletons are horological masterpieces for the wrist that allow the viewer to uncover the hidden intricacies within. Openings on the dial trace the hand of the watchmaker while exposing the true operation of time. Every timepiece takes 2-4 months to complete and no more than 10-15 units are made available each year. 

$ 9,495.00 USD
$ 9,495.00 USD

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