TWC x Benzinger

Hartwig Balke, one of the founders of Towson Watch Company
Jochen Benzinger is a renowned dial-maker and engraving artist who specializes in the art of hand-guilloche. Towson Watch Company has had the privilege of collaborating with him for over 25 years on the specialty timepieces you will see below. Our co-founder, George Thomas, often refers to TWC as “a collection of artists,” a description that truly resonates through our partnership with Benzinger. We unite artisans who have mastered the various niches involved in watchmaking.
Benzinger crafts hand-guilloche sterling silver dials with a rose engine and customizes mechanical movements. He is one of Towson’s most esteemed partners and collaborators. Our other co-founder, Hartwig Balke, shares a lifelong friendship and professional collaboration with Benzinger, having both grown up in Pforzheim, Germany. Their workshops boast an impressive array of rare machinery, including vintage rose engines, CNC mills, plating tools, and lathes—all integral to the craftsmanship of Towson Watches.
Hartwig played a pivotal role in mentoring Benzinger in horology, in particular, watch engineering and assembly. Decades ago, Benzinger reciprocated by teaching Balke the art of frosting sterling silver dials, skeletonizing mechanical movements, and operating a rose engine. This collaborative, specialized approach is at the heart of TWC’s philosophy and reflects the spirit of quality and innovation in 21st-century American fine watchmaking. What you see below, are some of the most exclusive and well-crafted Towson Watches you will ever come across.

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