Towson Classic: Coveted Gems in the TWC Collections

Serving as a testament to classical watchmaking and Towson Watch Company’s dedication to preserving horological traditions.

Towson Classic is a line of mechanical masterpieces built in collaboration with Jochen Benzinger, one of the world’s best artisanal dial-makers. Each timepiece is crafted using vintage machines and traditional techniques. Trademarked by their frosted sterling-silver dials and rose-engine guilloche.
The multifaceted production process of each timepiece underscores Towson Watch Company's commitment to artisanal excellence and the revival of classical watchmaking in the United States. The collaboration with master craftsmen, the utilization of vintage equipment, and the meticulous attention to detail infuse the Towson Classic with the spirit of horological artistry.
Exclusively for connoisseurs of mechanical horology seeking timeless works of art for special occasions. The formal character flashes opulence on the wrist, yet the handmade qualities exude tradition and sophistication. A Towson Classic is a boastful confession of one's love for horology. It is timeless heirloom that will carry the same meaning over time.
Towson Classic reference models are produced periodically, with each timepiece taking well over two months to complete. The intricate patterning on each dial, known as guilloche, is achieved through the delicate art of hand-turning a vintage rose engine. This is performed by master engraver and longtime TWC collaborator, Jochen Benzinger, in Pforzheim, Germany. This traditional technique that is exceptionally rare to come-by nowadays with mass-production and consumerism dominating the decision-making of so many watch manufacturers.
Towson Classics are branded on the dial with text rather than a logo, aligning with the traditional design language to emphasize the work of the watchmaker, not the name of the watchmaker. The craftsmanship itself, is the main attraction.

The 18k Rose Gold Towson Classic #4 places the sweep-second sub-dial at 9:00
A highest-grade UNITAS 6498 Caliber17 jewel manual-wind movement was deconstructed by Towson Watchmakers and sent to Benzinger for skeletonizing, engraving and plating. The bridges and balance cock are skeletonized, hand-engraved and rhodium-plated. The base plate was engine-turned and rose-gold plated. Additional decoration includes the golden TWC Logo with the shield and blued screws.

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