The Skipjack GMT

Hartwig Balke, one of the founders of Towson Watch Company

Collector's Guide to the SKIPJACK: A Voyage of Timekeeping

This limited edition watch encapsulates the essence of maritime tradition and functional design, blending classic and contemporary elements into a timepiece that pays homage to history while serving modern needs. The SKIPJACK GMT watch by Towson Watch Company is a timekeeping marvel tailor-made for globetrotters and those who cherish precise timekeeping across multiple time zones. 

Functional Highlights:

The SKIPJACK GMT's prime feature is its ability to effortlessly track time in two different time zones. With an additional hand and a separate 24-hour scale, the watch accommodates both 12-hour and 24-hour cycles. Each adjustment of the 24-hour hand signifies the shift to the next time zone in an eastward direction. This functionality is perfect for avid travelers and global minds who navigate diverse time zones with ease.

Craftsmanship and Design:

The intricate steel case, featuring coined sides and a leveled bezel, creates an engaging juxtaposition of classic and contemporary elements. This interplay is further enhanced by the option of pairing the case with either a silver or black dial. The decorated 2893-2 automatic movement, visible through the anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal exhibition case-back, drives the watch's various functions, including the sweep-second, minute, hour, central 24-hour indicator, and date window positioned at 3 o'clock.

Exceptional Movement:

Underneath the finely designed exterior lies the heartbeat of the watch—the Swiss-made ETA Cal 2893-2 automatic movement. Decorated, modified, and adjusted in Baltimore, MD, USA, this movement ensures precision and reliability. With 21 jewels, a 46-hour power reserve, Glucydur Balance, Nivarox Hairspring, and Incabloc Shock Absorption, the SKIPJACK GMT is not just a timepiece but a testament to technical excellence.

Historical Roots:

The SKIPJACK GMT pays homage to the maritime heritage of Towson Watch Company. Inspired by the Maryland Skipjack vessels, these low-draft boats have sailed the seas since the War of 1812, symbolizing local shipbuilding prowess. The watch captures the timelessness and iconic profile of these vessels, bringing their utility and elegance to the wrist. Designed, prototyped, finished, and assembled in Baltimore, MD, USA, the SKIPJACK GMT embodies a heritage that spans centuries.

Collector's Pride:

Designed by Hartwig Balke & George Thomas for the Chesapeake Collection, the SKIPJACK GMT Ref. SKJ100-2 is the second series following its initial release in 2012. This limited edition timepiece, produced in a total of 100 units for each dial color, echoes Baltimore's pride in its maritime legacy. Much like the enduring Skipjack vessels, the SKJ100-2 delivers utility, value, and an everlasting connection to history.

The SKIPJACK GMT watch transcends mere timekeeping, offering collectors an elegant companion for global explorations. With its dual time zone functionality, intricate craftsmanship, maritime inspiration, and limited edition status, this timepiece bridges the gap between classic and contemporary. As collectors embrace the SKIPJACK GMT, they not only acquire a watch but a timeless piece of history, ready to journey through time zones and narratives.

A Voyage of Timekeeping

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