Pivotal Moments in TWC History

Towson Watch Company (TWC) has a deep and storied history, marked by several key moments that have shaped the brand. Each of these moments remain relevant today and can be seen throughout the current TWC Collections.

STS-99 Chronometer and Mission Chronograph

The journey begins with the STS-99 Chronometer, which evolved into the flagship Mission Chronograph. This timepiece was notably worn by Commander Thiele on a NASA space mission in 2000. The first 100 Mission Chronographs that followed were limited and COSC-certified. The line sold-out for $10,000 per piece in select retailers, establishing TWC's prominence in the watch community.

Acquisition by Kevin Plank

As co-founders Hartwig Balke and George Thomas gained recognition, TWC caught the eye of local entrepreneur and Under Armour founder Kevin Plank. Seeing an opportunity to spark local business, Plank acquired the company, keeping the master watchmakers at the helm. TWC was now united with culturally-relevant local brands like Sagamore Spirit and had a showroom in the heart of Baltimore City. This positioning allowed TWC to develop more models, retaining a classical style while innovating functionally and stylistically.

New Models and Market Expansion

During this period, TWC introduced models like the Martin M-130 and North.er, each limited to 100 pieces like the original Towson Watches. These models helped TWC standardize its
traditional handmade approach to watchmaking and reach new markets and niches.

Transition to Spencer Shattuck

Kevin Plank eventually passed the reins to Spencer Shattuck, a family friend, young entrepreneur, watch enthusiast, and Baltimore patriot. Shattuck, who had interned at TWC years before, was a natural fit. His first action was to develop new watchmakers under Balke and Thomas, who stayed on to ensure the brand's legacy continued. Together, they ushered in a new era for TWC.

Latest Release: Choptank Ref. E250-2

This new era is set-off by the release of the Choptank Ref. E250-2, the second edition of one of TWC’s most popular models. This release exemplifies TWC's dedication to its craft and its vision for the future.

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