TWC x Benzinger

Towson's collaborative projects with Jochen Benzinger glorify what it means to be a true American Watchmaker in the 21st century - capable of producing timepieces that rival Swiss counterparts.

Jochen Benzinger is one of the world’s premier guilloche & dial engraving artists. He is called upon by only the most established and exclusive brands in the world to help produce their conceived masterpieces. 

Towson Watch Company has had the pleasure of working with Benzinger for the past 25 years. At his workshop in Pforzheim, Germany, he hosts a wide array of rare machines, including vintage rose engines, CNC mills, plating tools, and lathes that are all used to make Towson Watches.

George Thomas always said, “TWC is a collection of artists.” The company aims to bring together the best of the best at what they do to make a Towson Watch.

Jochen Benzinger is the best in the world at making a hand-guilloche dial. TWC is grateful for its long history and close relationship with him, as he remains Towson’s proudest partner & collaborator to this day. Co-Founder, Hartwig Balke, grew up with him in Pforzheim, Germany. They have been lifelong friends and collaborators ever since.

Hartwig played a large role in teaching Benzinger how to engineer and assemble a fine timepiece. During the same time many decades ago, Benzinger taught Hartwig Balke how to frost a sterling silver dial, skeletonize a mechanical movement and operate a rose engine.

TWC will continue to use its partners across the pond to make Towson watches. There is no intention of bringing the entirety of the watchmaking approach to America. This is because the company is defined by a collection of artists that each play a role in producing a Towson Watch. The United States is a melting pot and so is TWC. This is the American approach to fine watchmaking in the 21st century. 

Towson’s desired quality for a timepiece far exceeds patriotism and branding goals. In other words, the company will continue to strictly commission the best of the best to make fine timepieces...whether they are based in America or not.

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