Who is Hartwig Balke?

Hartwig Balke, one of the founders of Towson Watch Company

German Engineer and TWC Co-Founder – Meet the Makers

Originally from Germany, Hartwig Balke has woven a remarkable journey. His path led him through the heart of industries grappling with monumental challenges – oil-rig blowout prevention and cutting-edge dust filtration systems. For years, Balke lent his expertise to these pursuits, leaving an indelible mark.

In 1989, the currents of ambition carried Balke across continents to the United States. His mission: to unfurl a new chapter for a German hoist manufacturer, aligning with his oil-focused endeavors. This quest for growth charted its course to Baltimore, a strategic choice propelled by the city's bustling seaport – the lifeline of trade and innovation.

However, it wasn't solely the realm of mechanics that captivated Balke's ingenuity. In 1999, he embarked on a collaboration that would transcend terrestrial boundaries. Teaming up with George Thomas, he conjured his first wrist chronograph – a masterpiece of precision. A defining moment awaited as his creation ventured beyond Earth's limits, gracing the wrist of an astronaut during the STS-99 Mission as the new millennium dawned.

The sparks of this cosmic partnership ignited the birth of the TWC brand, its identity rooted in the essence of achievement and exploration. From this celestial inception sprang the iconic Mission, Chesapeake, and Master’s Collections – a tribute to the artistry born from merging engineering prowess with the art of watchmaking.

Yet, Balke's odyssey didn't halt at crafting timepieces of unparalleled caliber. Like an artisan passing on his legacy, he immersed himself in nurturing the next generation. Within the hallowed halls of TWC workshops, he kindled the flames of knowledge, imparting his techniques, sharing the treasury of rare tools, and upholding the unwavering standards that define his craft.

Thus, Hartwig Balke's narrative became more than a chronicle of endeavors – it metamorphosed into an elegantly interwoven tapestry of innovation, human endeavor, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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