The Generational Value of a Fine Timepiece

A TWC timepiece is made for the story you choose to tell with it. The generational value of a fine timepiece can't be measured by anyone else but its owner. It functions as a token of you and your story.

An artist needs a reminder of their individuality. A token of their vision that accompanies them throughout the everyday. A TWC timepiece is made to inspire oneself. It serves as an extension of the wearer.

Inspiration lies everywhere. Yet the soul vested within a piece of art must come from only one place, the mind of its maker. The mind of the maker must be revealed in the final result. Without this, the identity of the artist and wearer becomes blurred. 

The generational value of a fine piece is vested within the owner’s appreciation of the maker’s craft. Without the soul of the maker represented in the identity of the piece, the identity of the wearer is blurred because the story of the wearer’s taste is erased. Without the special bond between the maker and wearer, a fine timepiece can’t truly function as a piece of individualized art made to tell the story of its wearer. 

An artist’s companion, like a watch, must serve one sole purpose - to act as a token of oneself. An artist chooses a token of their own artistic spirit; not some status symbol, social identity or amount of wealth, but a token of their story. This is why a fine timepiece is meant to be passed down. It holds a special kind of value that tells the pure story of the human.

TWC recently announced its recent partnership with Luke Rice, the bassist for one of America's most popular Country musicians, Morgan Wallen. Luke is a musician that executes his craft with the same approach as TWC. Whether through the medium of music or horology, the attention to detail, the creativity of the maker, and the individualization of each work must be revealed. No corners are cut. As American artists both pioneering an artistic identity within our respective niches, we together aim to innovate the holistic identity of American Art.

Through a synthesis of creative minds between two similar artistic spirits, a purity in the origins of the work become seen. The final product tells the story of the American artist and its user. Over time, the artist dials in his craft, adjusting the sight so that it is focused on oneself. The applies to the art's owner. Whether acquired for investment or taste, the asset becomes a reflection of its owner.

“A TWC timepiece doesn’t attempt to show who you aren’t. It reveals who you are.”

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