Start Collecting with Real Watchmakers

The distinction between a genuine watchmaker's craft and the mass-produced, outsourced manufacturing process is crucial to grasp when initiating a collection. It is the human touch, expertise, and dedication of the watchmakers that define a mechanical timepiece today.

Striving to find watch brands or companies that prioritize the involvement of skilled watchmakers throughout their entire production process can guarantee that a collection retains value and significance over time. Brands that maintain their own manufacturing facilities and employ in-house watchmakers exhibit a heightened commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Understanding the nuances between a brand and a company, as well as the actual individuals involved in crafting these timepieces, should profoundly influence one's appreciation and selection process when collecting watches. 

Today, many watch brands do not directly employ watchmakers. Instead, some companies outsource the design, manufacturing, and final assembly entirely to other firms. Often, brands operate under the umbrella of a larger parent company, where the sole difference between these pieces and others lies in the names printed on the dial.

There even exist "luxury watches" that completely bypass watchmakers in their manufacturing process, being mass-produced through factory production. These companies propagate the misconception that their watches represent the highest-grade instruments of handmade craftsmanship and tested reliability.

Appreciate the artistry, expertise, and tradition that genuine watchmakers infuse into each piece. Avoid being deceived by a brand's marketing or aesthetics.

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