The Art of Rebuilding Swiss Calibers

Our Pursuit of Horological Excellence

Towson Watch Company (TWC) distinguishes itself through meticulous watchmaking, centered around the rebuilding of renowned Swiss calibers. This essay delves into TWC's philosophy, exploring how our movement selection, commitment to decoration, regulation, and customization set us apart in the watchmaking world.

Swiss Calibers as Foundation:

Our choice of movements plays a pivotal role in shaping Towson watches. We incorporate renowned Swiss calibers, particularly the Valjoux 7750, widely celebrated for its robustness and reliability. The Valjoux 7751, an extension with added complications, adds a super-complication to the TWC Collections.

Equally significant are ETA movements, such as the ETA 2892 known for its slim profile and reliability, fitting sportier daily-wear watches. The ETA 2893, building upon the 2892, introduces GMT functionality.

These chosen movements form the core of the TWC Collections.

Modification and Aesthetic Alignment:

TWC's ingenuity lies in transforming these proven movements into chronometer-grade workhorses that bear our founder's masterful approach to the craft. By enhancing the base-caliber movements, TWC achieves seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality. The attention applied by TWC's watchmakers allows movements to exhibit unique characteristics while retaining accuracy and performance. This approach underscores TWC's dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and design coherence.

The Distinction of Rebuilding:

Central to TWC's philosophy is the deliberate choice to rebuild movements rather than using pre-assembled ones. This decision underscores our dedication to excellence in decoration, regulation, and customization. By opting for rebuilding, TWC ensures lasting value, durability, and reliability in each creation. This deliberate choice sets us apart from brands that lack the expertise to fully comprehend movement intricacies.

Decoration and Artistry:

Our decoration is visually evident through exhibition casebacks that proudly display intricate movement details. Unlike brands concealing their lack of attention, we highlight the effort invested in movement decoration. This emphasis on artisanal qualities elevates appreciation beyond mere timekeeping, akin to aesthetic appreciation of art.

Harmonizing Aesthetics and Functionality:

Our approach to rebuilding extends to harmonizing aesthetics and functionality. Each component undergoes meticulous decoration, from blued screws to perlage on the main plate, transforming the movement into a mechanical painting. This artistic endeavor enhances the utilitarian identity of the watch for collectors and, encapsulating both practicality and visual allure.

Regulation and Calibration:

Unlike mass-produced movements, our Swiss-based movements are assembled and regulated by skilled master watchmakers in their Baltimore workshop. This personalized approach ensures accuracy, durability, and reliability. In-house assembly guarantees chronometer-grade regulation, reflecting a commitment to producing reliable instruments tailored to specific uses and professions.

Towson Watch Company's distinctive approach encapsulates horological artistry. Through deliberate rebuilding, meticulous decoration, precise regulation, and purposeful customization, TWC crafts timepieces that stand as both exceptional in design and remarkable in performance. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail define them as a unique American watchmaker, upholding Swiss horology tradition with distinct character. In a world of mass-produced timepieces, TWC remains a beacon of craftsmanship and excellence.

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