The TWC Shield | Logo History

A protector of American craftsmanship.

The TWC Shield unites craftsmanship with patriotism. Encapsulating the initials of our founders with their creative, yet classical approach to the craft. Telling the American Dream of two engineers who had the vision of pioneering modern watchmaking outside of Switzerland. 

“The red, white and blue colors represent America. The 'T', 'W' and 'C' initials are woven-in for Towson Watch Company. Then you recognize the 'T' for Thomas and the 'B' for Balke. We build mysteries into our watches.”

George Thomas (Co-Founder)

The TWC Shield is an indicator of tradition, independence, and exclusivity.

The formal crest speaks to our classical approach to the craft. Where a team of experts specialize in their respective fields to produce a timepiece of holistic quality. The TWC Brand serves as a protector of American craftsmanship, and thus, we have our shield logo. 

The patriotic-themed colors represent the freedom artists have in America to pursue what they love. Woven-in initials speak to the mysteries installed in every watch. Only a connoisseur can decipher this shield on their own, but any admirer will beg to learn more.

The HALF-SKELLY features the initials of Towson Watch Company (TWC) woven-into the base-plate.

Elegant calligraphy of the TWC initials reveals itself from the skeletonized portion of the dial. The artisanal display was hand-carved out of the movement’s base-plate, which serves as the dial.

Only a seasoned connoisseur can read the woven script performed by Jochen Benzinger at first glance. The collector of the HALF-SKELLY is asked to share the same meticulous attention to detail as the watchmaker.

The encrypted design of the TWC Shield defines who a Towson Watch is made for - collectors that can admire a timepiece through the same lens as its watchmaker. Those with taste for history, an understanding of artisanal motive, and an appreciation for the craft itself.

The logo tells the story of the the watch tells the story of its collection. 

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