PRO-CLASS: The Archetypes of Towson Watch Owners

Each reference model aligns with one of six pro-class categories, named after the specific target professional for whom the watch is intended.

Towson Watches are handcrafted for professionals in specific fields of work, tailored to their unique needs and lifestyles. Each model within the TWC Collections is born from a distinct vision, designed to cater to the demands of a particular profession, be it a military pilot, businessman, or even a horologist.

To ensure a consistent and focused approach across our collections, we've developed a system of professional classes (pro-class). These classes serve as a blueprint, setting the standards for any new Towson Watch.

Our process begins by selecting the profession or professional type we aim to create a watch for. Once this pro-class is established, the doors are opened to any proposed ideas that fall within the design constraints of the category. 

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