Tactical Luxury | Mission Chronograph

A testament to the enduring legacy of precision timekeeping in America.

The Mission Chronograph promotes our ability to produce professional-grade items using a classical approach to fine watchmaking. 

Our iconic Space Chronograph features a distinctive pattern on its dial known to Towson Watchmakers as Carbon Guilloché, a style reminiscent of carbon fiber texture. The proprietary cliche, designed by Hartwig Balke, features pronounced incisions and crisp woven lines that reflect the intricacies and intensity of dial-crafting. With its gritty nature, carbon guilloche hints to the spirit of exploration at Towson Watch Company, and the former space journeys that our Mission Chronograph has endured.

Carbon Guilloché marries the classical appeal of a dress watch with the instrumental utility of a chronograph. “Platinum Dressed” hour-markers and hands work in harmony with the surface, illuminating the complexity of the dial's composition while enhancing legibility. The frosty silver-toned pieces complement the high-polish steel trim that encircles the sapphire crystal display, accentuating the diamond-like texture of the carbon guilloche.

This signature dial composition of the Mission Chronograph fuses luxury into precision timekeeping. Platinum elements serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, permitting the watch to serve as either a dressy daily wearer or a useful tool for astronauts in outer space. And with several tachymeter and strap options available, you can define the making of your own Mission.

When selecting the black tachymeter option, the chronograph's dial widens and becomes an attention-grabbing masterpiece.

Conversely, the silver tachymeter option enhances legibility, making it an ideal choice for those who demand precision.

The Mission Chronograph is made just for you…just as it was for NASA Commander Thiele two decades ago.

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TWC takes pride in its commitment to utilitarian design and the classical approach to fine watchmaking established by our founders over the past 25 years. We standardize the principles of design and manufacture the components the best we can by bringing together the best of the best in their respective crafts. Ensuring that every Towson Watch is built to perfection…and then finally, tailored specifically for you.

Towson’s Mission Chronograph doesn’t revolutionize artisanal design or aim to break status-quo by doing things different. It aims to do all things better.

With raw intentions, it is the product of specialized experts working together to perform watchmaking at the highest level. This commitment to excellence and utility echoes the vision of NASA Commander Thiele, who commissioned an automatic chronometer from Towson Watch Company for his mission in outer space. This was something that only an independent brand, free from the constraints of mass-production, could do for him at the time.


It was widely believed that automatic watches wouldn’t work in outer space. Hartwig Balke revealed this fallacy with his STS-99 Chronometer that spent six months on the Endeavour spacecraft in 2000, proving that automatic watches, do indeed, work in zero gravity.

The Swiss-Made 7750 caliber movement, which powered the initial chronometers worn in space, remains unchanged in the Mission II, illustrating Towson Watches' dedication to preserving the essence of reliability and accuracy.

The Mission Collection has evolved over the years, but certain principles of design remain constant.

Compare the Mission I (M250) and Mission II (M250-2) here

Prominently displayed at 3-o'clock on the Mission Chronograph is the TWC Shield, hand-painted in striking red, white, and blue. This distinctive emblem, combined with the platinum-dressed carbon guilloche dial, serves as a hallmark of every Mission Chronograph. The bold presence of the shield breaks away from the traditional formatting of the dial, underscoring its significance as a visual element of the design.

The Mission Chronograph continues to honor the brand’s legacy of producing instruments for professionals, and serves as a testament to the enduring interest in American watchmaking. Representing a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, luxury and utility. As Hartwig Balke once said, "We bring together the best of the best to make instruments for professionals," and indeed, collectors alike admire these intentions. 

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