Automatic Watches

Hartwig Balke, one of the founders of Towson Watch Company

Towson Watch Company (TWC) incorporates a selection of movements from renowned Swiss calibers in their timepieces. Some of the movements they commonly use include:

Valjoux Series:

Valjoux 7750: A widely used automatic chronograph movement known for its robustness and reliability.

Valjoux 7751: An extension of the Valjoux 7750 with added moon phase and full calendar complications.

ETA Series:

ETA 2892: A thin automatic movement often used in higher-end watches due to its slim profile and reliable performance.

ETA 2893: An extension of the ETA 2892 with additional GMT (second time zone) functionality.

These movements are chosen for their quality, precision, and reliability. TWC's approach involves modifying and enhancing these base-caliber movements to align with their design aesthetics and functional requirements. The modifications and attention to detail applied by TWC's watchmakers allow the movements to showcase unique characteristics while retaining their accuracy and performance.

It's important to note that TWC's commitment to producing premium watches involves carefully selecting movements that can be enhanced to meet their standards of quality and craftsmanship. This combination of Swiss movement excellence and TWC's in-house modification and decoration results in timepieces that are both exceptional in design and performance.

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