Changing hands: 23-year-old entrepreneur takes over Towson luxury watch brand from Under Armour founder Kevin Plank

Now 23, Shattuck has parlayed his hobby into a business, becoming the latest owner of Towson Watch Co.

Read :

TWC President Spencer Shattuck picking a leather strap for his timepiece
Spencer Shattuck with the TWC Collections

An Interview with "The Daily Record" :

Our 23-year-old CEO, Spencer Shattuck, brings his youthful passion to TWC. In his pitch to his generation, he eschews smartwatches.
“The Towson Watch Company watch is a handcrafted instrument made for its customer, and that’s such a pure escape from the constant attempts to make the world to go more and more digital.”

Watch Chairman Shattuck's Latest Interview with CAPITAL NEWS NETWORK

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