Looking Back at 2022: A New Era for American Watchmaking

2022 was potentially the most important year for the Towson Watch Company in its two-decade-long history. The actions we have taken this year have rejuvenated the spirit of this iconic American mechanical watch brand and American watchmaking as a whole.

Our founder’s apprentices have completed their training and have become full-time inhouse watchmakers. We have hired engineers, designers, and consultants to expand this team, growing our capability to scale and horologically experiment, while retaining the same handmade approach to the craft. 

We released an entirely new watch line for the first time in a few years, the Recruit vs. Cadet CR250 Field Series. Hartwig’s swan-song and final official Towson Watch design, as he is retiring at the start of the new year and turning over the reins to the next generation of TWC watchmakers. 

We purchased an industrial grade laser engraver and several other machines that will allow us to do even more here in the USA. We have developed a strong social media presence, racking up over 20,000 followers on the instagram accounts while launching  TikTok and Youtube channels, sharing behind-the-scenes content of our unique approach to you and the rest of the world. This has broadened our audience and allowed us to create stronger relationships with our clientele and supporters. We have traveled the country, presenting Towson watches in the flesh to collectors and enthusiasts outside our region. 

These actions taken should tell you that we are here to stay, and that 2023 poses even more growth. We will continue this trajectory with the same goal - to accomplish as much of the watchmaking process inhouse as we can. The steps we have taken to accomplish this truly separates us as an independent American watch brand. There is no other firm like us. TWC has a very bright future ahead, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the widespread support that is boosting our mission.

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