Finding North

A behind the scenes look at the inspiration behind of our proudest models, the

The compass and watch are two of the most groundbreaking innovations in the history of mankind, serving as tools for survival and progress. 

Finding North is always the first thing to do when using a map, and without an understanding of where North is, maps become obsolete. Despite the shared innovative significance of the compass and timepiece, a complication that combines their functions has been regarded as a novelty in watchmaking history. The wrist compass was developed for the military, but was only a compass. This vintage instrument inspired us to create a timepiece capable of assisting ones sense of direction. Towson Watch Company is one of, if not the first in the world of watchmaking to provide a horological complication that functions as a compass.

This classically crafted, self winding timepiece was designed with rough weather conditions and the art of exploration in mind. The is built for the outdoorsman who appreciates the utility of the tool on their wrist. The satin-finished, stainless steel case was engineered for resilience against the unpredictable lifestyle of a sportsman while retaining a classic aesthetic of elegance. From an inspiration to a timepiece, the exists to assist outdoorsman with direction when they need it most. A timepiece for aviators, business professionals and outdoorsman. Aviators like the clear and readable dial design in all light conditions. The 24hr scale represents standard time used in aviation and maritime sphered. People traveling the world are able to adjust the watch to a second time zone while hikers are able to use it as a compass to establish North. The Towson Watch Company dedicated this timepiece to all outdoorsman, travelers, and explorers of the world.

The is only available in one variation, featuring a black dial, yellow, and green numerals and TWC style super LumiNova hands. The contrast between the hands, the matte black background and co-ordinating colored numerals make it easy to read, even under glittering daylight conditions. The stainless steel case, water resistant to 5 ATM has a domed sapphire crystal on the front. A sapphire crystal on the back exhibits a highly decorated Cal. 2893-2 24j movement. A natural or black leather strap makes this watch a timepiece for all occasions. (Also available with a stainless steel mesh bracelet with folding clasp). 

Movement specs: adjusted to 5 positions, nivarox hairspring, glucydure balance, incablock shock absorption

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