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The Mission Collection: Evolving America's Space Chronograph

Hartwig Balke was commissioned to make an automatic wristwatch that would last in outer space. It was worn by Commander Thiele for several months back in 2000 aboard the Endeavour Spacecraft on a NASA STS-99 mission. Featuring the 7750 caliber with chronometer-grade accuracy - still found in every Mission Collection timepiece today. 

Hartwig’s “Mission Space Chronograph” has evolved ever since - Mission I, M250-1, M250-2, Mission Moon and Cockpit lines. Adopting subtle changes and custom variations while retaining the core utilitarian identity and timeless aesthetic of the original Mission Chronograph. Each series has been limited in production to 250 timepieces, and retired once the No.250 timepiece is sold.

NASA's Commander Thiele wearing the first ever TWC MIssion Chronograph

Towson Watch Company Founders

“I started life as a watchmaker in 1948. Hartwig started out as an engineer. We work together well because he essentially does the design and engineering work that I can’t do. But I’ve had a lot of experience doing restoration of antique watches for museums. These are 200 to 300 year-old timepieces. We have both ends of the technical spectrum covered, from current engineering to an understanding of watchmaking 500 years ago.” 

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