HODINKEE | Can You Name Every Watch That's Gone To Space?

There are 1,899 of them. The TWC Mission Chronograph represents America's contribution. Meet the man that's cataloging them all in one database.

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The first Mission M250 TWC chronograph worn in outer space by NASA astronaut
NASA astronauts wearing the TWC Mission M250 on the STS-99 space mission.

Towson Watch Company actually began with a request in 1998. A German scientist/mission specialist who was part of STS-99, a space shuttle mission to be flown on “Endeavor” in September 1999, requested that Balke and Thomas create a special watch for him to wear while in outer space. The pair produced two unique steel chronographs with casebacks engraved with the astronaut crew names and the mission designator, “SRTM-99.” The flight was actually delayed until February 2000, giving TWC’s chronographs the added distinction of being aboard on the first space shuttle mission of the new millennium. One of the timepieces was worn by the German astronaut. The second was donated by TWC to the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, PA.

Mission Moon Annual Calendar Moonphase Chronograph
Series Two Mission Moon MM250-2 (Released in January 2022)

Ref. MM250-2 is the latest member of our signature “space chronograph” Mission Collection. This moonphase marks an evolution of the MM250, our first series of the Mission Moon (sold out). With this latest rendering of our iconic space watch, we present utilitarian intentions; implementing a brushed finish to the bezel and case, fitting the 42mm stainless steel case, and adding crown protectors to ensure the functioning of a proprietary ETA/Valjoux Cal. 7750 automatic movement. These adjustments retain the elegant, confident, and explorative traits characteristic of our "Mission Collection" while bolstering the practicality for which this timepiece was intended to service for, space travel and adventure beyond the bounds of comfort.

Some of the features include: two windows in the minute counter dial indicate month and day; a hand operating from the center points to the date; a sector in the hour counter shows the moon phase; sub-dial at nine o’clock indicates 24-hours; and a sweep second function to start, stop or reset. Encased in stainless steel and water-resistant to 50 meters, sapphire crystals on both the front and the back.

The American Space Watch | A Review By "Wrong Time Watch"

Watch a full review of our Series Two Mission Chronograph on Youtube!

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