A Closer Look | Triple Crown

A closer look at the iconic limited edition "Triple Crown" made back in 2017. This masterpiece once featured in our "Mission Collection" is no longer for sale, but can forever be remembered as a TWC classic worth looking back on.

"Triple Crown" prototype produced by TWC watchmaker, Hartwig Balke, in the workshop. Using bronze, painted hands and a reconstructed 7751 movement, we were able to produce the desired look in-house before putting the commercial model into production.

A drawing produced by Hartwig prior to the construction of his prototype. So much gold! As a master engineer and watchmaker, Hartwig doesn't cut any corners during the design and prototyping process. Using the resources in stock, he aims to produce a prototype as similar to the desired commercial product as he can. This allows TWC to have full control over the production process of its components by our proprietary manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland. TWC doesn't use any stock components, but instead, designs each and every part in-house prior to its production.
The first ten "Triple Crowns" were made specifically for the reserved clientele. Each one of these lucky customers were given the opportunity to customize their caseback with a special engraving unique to them. In addition, each "Triple Crown" features a unique solid gold guilloche rotor handmade by TWC watchmakers. Despite the immense collecting value of these masterpieces, these individualized elements applied to each and every piece truly make them horological works of art. In other words, these mechanical sculptures worn on the wrist are priceless. Even the ounce of pure solid 18k gold has no room to dictate a value.
Not only were buyers of the "Triple Crown" able to customize their casebacks, but were also given the opportunity to individualize their piece on the front. The name signals to the original inspiration behind the work. The three bezels above were included with each watch, and could be easily rotated in and out of the case. The rose gold, yellow gold and white gold bezels all retain the formality and craftsmanship of the piece while allowing variety. This "Triple Crown Mission Chrono" is unlike any other worn by anyone else, and unlike any Mission TWC has made before.
Calibrating the "Triple Crown" precisely to TWC's "Mission Collection" expectations. Though this limited edition features an entirely new case unseen in any other TWC timepiece, the rest of the "Triple Crown's" components are fairly consistent with its fellow collection members. The silver dial shares the same specifications and layout as the Mission Moon and Cockpit Moon. In addition, resting above lies the same cathedral-style blued-steel hands currently seen on the Cockpit Moon C1 and S1. The "Triple Crown" was powered by a chronometer 7751, rather than our current standard 7751. Though the second gain/loss between the two movements varies to a very small degree, a solid gold watch like the "Triple Crown" deserves a chronometer.
Like many of our solid gold limited editions, in many ways the "Triple Crown" served as a commemorative piece celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the TWC Mission Collection. Originally commissioned for NASA's STS-99 space endeavor, the Mission chronograph was the first commercially available TWC timepiece. It was worn by astronauts in outer space for months at a time and many of them now are proudly displayed in prominent national museums. Until 2005, each and every steel Mission was powered by a 7750 chronometer. The historic line, truly America's space chronograph, respectfully evolved over the past two decades to adopt to contemporary trends and utilitarian intentions, but nonetheless, the original Mission Chronometer had to make an appearance again, and undoubtedly, was deserving of the beautiful tribute this "Triple Crown" has created through its material, technology and aesthetic.
All TWC timepieces are handcrafted limited editions, with no more than 100 total units produced for each model variant. The "Triple Crown" was one of the few timepieces made commercially available with a production limit of 20. This meant that even before the watch ever could be listed on the website, the entire line was sold out after the first "Triple Crown" was made and announced. For the next six months, George and Hartwig sweated it out at the workshop and not only assembled every piece by hand, but engraved, engine turned, molded and guilloche'd for hours on end. Thankfully due to the rare instruments found in the TWC workshop, the production process of these heavy yet gentle solid gold timepieces was only a joy for our watchmakers.

Released in 2017, the Triple Crown’s name immediately gives the sense of the award-winning quality of the watch while also being totally descriptive. As part of the Towson Mission Collection, this 39mm model is exceptional in its stylish adaptability. It comes complete with three different interchangeable bezel options, 18-karat white, rose and yellow gold. Through sapphire crystals on the front and back, the hand-engraved detailing of this piece is impeccable. The Swiss-made ETA Valjoux 7751, 25 jewel automatic chronometer movement is reconstructed and decorated in gold guilloche with a solid gold custom rotor. The movement powers center hands for hours, minutes, chronograph fly-back, and date indication. The twelve’clock sundial is for second readings and bears windows for day and month. The six’clock sundial shows twelve-hour timing with a window for the moonphase indication and the nine’clock sundial is another twenty-four hour register.

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