On the Wrist

Cockpit Moon B1 | Ian Nelson

Dial in your respective craft. Tell your story. Through a synthesis of creative minds between two similar artistic spirits, a purity in the origins of the work become seen. The final product tells the story of the American artist and its user. “Over time, the artist dials in his craft, adjusting the sight so that it is focused on oneself.” - Spencer Shattuck (President, TWC)

Mission Moon C1 | James Joslin

Lost in the dial. A TWC timepiece is made to inspire oneself. It serves as a reminder of your individuality. “A TWC timepiece doesn’t attempt to show who you aren’t. It shows who you are.”

Cam Das EFO 2021 Team

Cam gave every one of his team members a TWC timepiece as an expression of gratitude for their hard work all season long. The North.er was a feature piece, and it turned out to be the perfect gift, serving as an instrument to help determine wind direction on the track.

North.er x Skipjack B2 | Jeff Nelson

Models are forced to conceal their self-identity for a living. Nonetheless, a model can always reveal their signature. The TWC piece, brought along to every shoot and worn in each, creates that undeniable identity for the model, telling the story of the person, not the just the model.

Cam Das | North.er | EFO 2021

What a special time it was in Barcelona last week at the 2021 Euroformula Open Championship. As expected, our guy Cameron Das took the championship and will be bringing the trophy back home to the USA. Big things to come for Cam and the American watch industry’s involvement in Formula racing.

Skipjack S2

TWC | PGA Tour --- Kevin Streelman sporting his Skipjack S2 on the links during the 2021 Houston Open. Big wins to come for our guy this year. Don't be surprised when you see this limited edition on the podium at some point this year. Watch Kevin review his TWC on the links at our YouTube channel.

Martin M-130

When @captureasecond reached out to us after many months of mutual engagement on each others social media content, we new right away which TWC piece this legend should be wearing in the sky with him, the Martin M-130. Like @captureasecond , the foundation of TWC is built on a collaboration of two niches and talents. For us, we bring together the accuracy of European technology in timekeeping with American design and craftsmanship in horology. Innovation is built on collaboration, between people, ideas, and materials. To create the best, one must use the best, without cutting a single corner.

Martin M-130

Ex RAF Officer Keith Campbell @captureasecond may be one of the first European partners this historic American watch company has collaborated with, but the origins of our newfound relationship seem to have rooted long ago. In his part-retirement, after 16 years circumnavigating the globe, Keith Campbell has translated his experience in aviation to timepieces and horological photography. The prominence of his account results from this creative approach to a clash of two worlds, a foundation shared by TWC. TWC is not new to working with Aviators, as our Martin M-130 Limited Edition is one of our signature Pilot chronographs commemorating the infamous “China Clipper” aircraft. This flying boat, built in Maryland, was the first plane to fly across the Pacific.


On the wrist is the North.er, TWC's GMT instrument featuring the signature palette. Though the instrument was designed for the adventurer, providing wearers the ability to know the direction of North, it functions just as nicely for formal occasions, serving as a statement of fashion and taste. Waterproof to 50m and luminescent in the darkest of nights, the North.er is one of our most well-rounded creations. Whether our wearer is sipping wine by the pool, or planning on diving in, the North.er is there to provide.

Classic Chronograph

On the wrist here is a signature member of our masterpiece collection, the Classic Chronograph. The mastery here is vested in the hand-guilloche sterling silver dial. This produces an extraordinary reflective effect with the blued steel hands. This picture truly characterizes the "clock-like" identity of the instrument, wearing large at a 44mm with a thickness of 15mm. Nonetheless, the grand scale of this piece coincides with a traditional aesthetic, making it quite the wearable statement.

Mission Moon MM250-SC

Pictured here is our signature moonphase chronograph, the Mission Moon, in its natural habitat. An instrument built for all conditions, being used and tested in space. Our wearer here seems to be located at the top of a Rocky Mountain ski slope, getting ready to shred down some fluffy powder. Potentially using the chronograph to race his mates down the slope.

Martin M-130

On the wrist here is the special edition Martin M-130, one of our most popular pieces. It is proudly being displayed in front of the cockpit instruments that inspired its design. A true heritage piece that commemorates one of the greatest achievements in American aviation history, while symbolizing modern innovation in American watchmaking with its abnormal, yet stunning palette.

Pride II

On the wrist is TWC's signature timepiece, the Pride II, repping quite the patriotic strap combo. The red and blue multi-tone strap seems to be quite fitting here alongside the white dial, as the Pride II is the epitome of innovation in American watchmaking. A standout piece that shares no resemblance to any European counterpart on the market. An instrument that allows the American enthusiast to represent their home country's contribution to the industry.

Mission 1st Edition

A historic "on the wrist" picture here, as Commander Thiele is seen wearing the original TWC Mission chronograph that he commissioned for the STS-99 mission in 2000, the first space mission of the new millennium. This was Towson's first commercially available wrist chronograph. Only 20 of them were ever made, with several now proudly displayed in horological museums around the world.

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