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The Choptank has become the most popular model in the Towson Watch Company lineup in recent years. The first edition featured a dial familiar to brand collectors, translating the standard Mission Moon design into a unique tonneau-shaped case. This rectangular form has been a primary attraction for customers. For the second edition, we have retained this distinctive case and enhanced the dial to further establish the Choptank's legacy within the TWC Collections. The new design aims to build on its popularity and cement its place as a staple of the brand. 

Towson Watch Company CHOPTANK Second Edition E250-2 luxury watch on display with other items.
CHOPTANK Second Edition E250-2 schematic drawing with detailed features.

Introducing a refreshed aesthetic that captivates today’s watch enthusiasts and collectors. A synthesis of classical design and contemporary distinction.

The latest edition of the CHOPTANK, Ref. E250-2, was developed by Spencer Shattuck and Towson’s team of young watchmakers who were apprentices of Hartwig Balke. The professional-grade requirements, manufacturing process, and design theory of the original CHOPTANK remain consistent in this second edition.

TWC Co-Founder, Hartwig Balke, envisioned this Towson Watch to merge traditional watchmaking with aesthetic distinction. He aimed to translate the elegance of a rectangular watch into a bolder, more functional form, comparable to the professional-grade instruments he was renowned for making.

The new design reflects fresh perspectives from Towson’s new designers and watchmakers, while remaining deeply rooted in Hartwig’s traditional approach to watchmaking. The legibility of the full-calendar complication set is improved and the handmade qualities of the watch are further revealed with less text and stronger form. The prominently-placed TWC Shield Logo signifies the history and meaning inherent to the instrument.

In this second edition of the Choptank, the TWC logo takes center stage—a testament to the identity of Towson Watch Company and its history of master watchmakers.

The complexities of Towson's shielded crest may only be fully understood by enthusiasts and collectors of the brand, yet its boldness and elegance invite all onlookers to delve deeper.

Towson Watch Company’s logo, a shielded crest with the initials of the brand and its founders intertwined, visually narrates the brand’s story. George Thomas, one of the founders, famously stated that he "builds mysteries into his timepieces"—intricacies that are universally appealing yet only truly decipherable to the discerning eye of a connoisseur.

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