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Hartwig Balke, one of the founders of Towson Watch Company

Collector's Guide to the Skipjack GMT Watch: A Timeless Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

The Skipjack GMT watch stands as a testament to the interplay between classic design principles and contemporary innovation. Emerging from a purposeful collaboration between traditional and progressive ideas, this timepiece illuminates the enduring utility of historical innovations.

A Tribute to Maritime Legacy:

Drawing inspiration from the iconic sailing vessels that graced Chesapeake Bay in the late 1800s, the Skipjack GMT watch pays homage to a rich maritime heritage. Originally crafted to meet the growing demand for oysters, the Skipjack vessels have evolved into symbols of the Chesapeake region's nautical legacy, now used to dredge blue crabs from the bay's shallow waters. This deep connection between the past and present infuses the Skipjack GMT with a timeless essence.

Navigating Global Time Zones:

The Skipjack GMT watch caters to individuals with a sports-oriented lifestyle and a need for precise timekeeping across the world's different time zones. Its dual time-zone functionality is brought to life by an additional hour-hand and a distinct 24-hour scale. Each adjustment of the 24-hour hand marks the transition to the next eastward time zone, ensuring effortless synchronization with the wearer's surroundings.

Evolution of Excellence:

The Skipjack line first emerged on the horological scene through select retailers in 2011 with the introduction of the Skipjack I. This initial foray into GMT watches was marked by sophistication and distinction, limited to just 100 units per dial color. Featuring a stamped guilloche dial adorned with contrasting printed numerals, the Skipjack I introduced the world to the Towson Watch Company's expertise in blending classic design with contemporary aesthetics.

In 2018, the Skipjack line underwent a transformation with the unveiling of the Skipjack GMT SKJ100. With a limited production of 100 pieces per dial color, this new iteration elevated the Skipjack legacy to unprecedented heights. Embracing elegance and intricacy, the SKJ100 showcased a 40mm stainless steel case adorned with a layered high-polish bezel and coined mirror-finish midsections. The push-pull crown, equipped with a quickset function for both the date and GMT, added further functionality to this timepiece.

Timeless Aesthetics:

The Skipjack GMT SKJ100 captivates the beholder with its luxurious aesthetic, skillfully blending classic and contemporary elements. The rhodium numerals, hands, and indices elegantly contrast against the glossy silver or black non-textured dial, creating a visual symphony of sophistication. The domed sapphire crystal envelops the dial, enhancing visibility while showcasing the intricacies of the decorated 2893-2 automatic movement through the anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal exhibition case-back.

A Legacy of Heritage and Progress:

The Skipjack GMT watch remains deeply rooted in its original principles while evolving with the times. It serves as a daily companion for globetrotters and enthusiasts of fine watchmaking, embodying the past, present, and future. The transition from printed Roman numerals to rhodium ones and the preservation of the coined case illustrate the Towson Watch Company's unwavering commitment to both heritage and innovation. With its dual time-zone capability and refined aesthetics, this timepiece encapsulates the spirit of exploration and sophistication.

As collectors embrace the Skipjack GMT, they acquire not just a watch, but a bridge between history and modernity.

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