Towson Watches are Returning to Select Retailers

We are proud to announce that Towson Watches will be returning to select retailers throughout 2023 and beyond.

After three years operating direct-to-consumer, Hartwig Balke’s apprentices and Towson’s new team of watchmakers are ready to deliver on a larger scale. Our select retailers will receive a catered collection of Towson Watches on a regular basis. Limited production quantities for each model will not change. 

Towson Watches can already be found at the following locations: 

Little Treasury Jewelers

Grenon’s of Newport

Abe & Co Jewelers

A Towson Watch purchased at an authorized retailer is added to the official TWC Registry and covered by a written 2-yr warranty. As always, if you treat your Towson Watch with the respect it deserves, that shall be reciprocated with lifetime complementary service & repair from our watchmakers. Ref.NP250 (left) & SKIPJACK Ref.SKJ100-B (right)

Customers may still purchase a Towson Watch directly from TWC by visiting the “shop online” page on the TWC website. Keep in mind that direct-to-consumer availability of certain models will now be significantly lower as we allocate the watches to jewelers. 

We look forward to the growth of the TWC Family!

Hartwig Balke in the TWC Workshop with Towson Watch retail store displays.
Little Treasury Jewelers Ad from 2014
MISSION Ref. M250-2-B(R)

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