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Towson Watch Company is one of the oldest and most reputable American mechanical watchmakers that exists today, specializing in the production of handmade limited edition timepieces. All Towson watches are exclusively sold on this website. To view the collections in person, please visit our showroom in Baltimore, MD.

TWC was established in 1998 by George Thomas and Hartwig Balke, two German engineers that moved to America with the dream of starting a watch company. While initially built on the custom production of gold bespoke timepieces, TWC has established three signature collections (Masterpiece, Limited, Mission) over the past two decades that remain freshly updated year by year. This historic company is now entering a new phase, as our young and passionate president, Spencer Shattuck, intends to scale the awareness of what pure American watchmaking has to offer.

Join us in the rejuvenation of one of America's oldest crafts.

Limited Availability

All Towson watch models are exclusively sold on this website or at our store in Baltimore City located at101 W Dickman St. Baltimore, MD 21230. This allows us to offer you an accessible price point unmatched by any other high-grade mechanical watchmaker.
Each model ref. produced by Towson Watch Company is limited in production to 100 total pieces. Once a model is sold out, it will never be produced again.


Every Towson Watch comes with a two year warranty. At any point within two years of purchase, a customer can send their watch back to us for free repair and servicing.

Considering our pieces are exclusively sold to customers directly by us, no paperwork is required to ensure the warranty. Just send your watch back and we will return it to you as soon as possible.

Some exceptions may apply:

  • Complete destruction of watch, intentional destruction of watch, missing watch
  • Altered by extraneous watchmaker/jeweler or if non-factory changes are made


Free Shipping.

Orders are processed and shipped within two days of purchase. We guarantee item delivery within five days of payment completion, unless a watch must be built, customized or altered according to the customer’s preferences. Items are shipped using FedEx and signatures are required. Worldwide.


If customers are unhappy with their purchase or would like to consider a different model, we offer returns within 7 days of item delivery. Customers are asked to pay for return shipping. Once the item is received at our office, the purchase will be refunded.


Design and assembly strictly takes place in-house. Our watchmaking team is led by master horologists, George Thomas and Hartwig Balke, whom serve as mentors and instructors for the newer members of our team. Cases, dials, hands, movements and bands are all produced by our partners in Switzerland and Germany in close collaboration with us. Once TWC receives the base components, our watchmakers modify the cases, decorate the movement, apply guilloche and embellishments to the dial, etc. Once everything is refined, the final stage of the process is assembly, which usually takes place once a watch is ordered. For certain custom pieces, our watchmakers will sometimes mold cases in-house and construct movements from scratch in-house.

Why Towson Watch Company?

Towson Watch Company has persisted for over twenty years with no end in sight. Strong ownership, the quality of product, the mastery of our watchmakers, and most importantly, a whole lot of passion, ensures a lasting legacy for the brand. In addition, the value of our watches is completely vested in their material, technology and craft. Unlike any other watch manufacturer with the same quality and attention to detail as TWC, we seek small margins to provide our customers with an accessible and justified price that is only dependent on the intrinsic horological value of the watch itself.

We intend for our brand to represent nothing but the quintessential image of high-grade mechanical watchmaking in its purest form. Owning a Towson Watch means owning a piece of American watchmaking history in the form of horological art. We consciously avoid cutting corners like most luxury timepiece manufactures and seek to provide collectors whom appreciate the craft with real intrinsic horological value. When people look down at their Towson watch on their wrist, they admire the craft and build of the instrument. A TWC piece allows you to recognize your love for watchmaking as a form of laborious art made just for you.

Towson Watch Company

The red and blue logo for Towson Watch Company.

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